The Snuggle Loop Plush Dog Bed

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Color: Red
Size: XL-80cm
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There’s nothing your dog loves more than curling up and getting cozy. Now you can give them their very own place to snooze - and save your furniture from getting covered in fur at the same time. Our Snuggle Loop Plush Dog Bed has all the features your dog craves: a soft, pillowy bottom, high sides that make them feel safe and secure, and a faux fur-like material that will make them feel like a puppy again.



This donut style pet bed is ideal for coaxing your dog to “nest” in a favorite corner and catch some well-deserved shut-eye after an afternoon of chasing sunbeams and begging for another can of wet food.



  • Available in several sizes to accommodate dogs ranging from tiny puppies to impressive Dogs.
  • Donut-like shape features high sides that make your dog feel secure and reflect body heat.
  • Soft, plush faux fur is easy to clean: simply vacuum periodically to remove any shed dog fur.

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